The Wartville Wizard Teaches Everyone Not to Litter

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The Wartville Wizard by Don Madden Read by Matt Burneisen

The Wartville Wizard is one of my favorite stories about littering. I’m sure many of you know someone who would love to have the power over trash! Thank you to all of our volunteers who participate in our clean up events, and to those who help clean up their neighborhoods. This book is a good tool to help children meet North Carolina Essential Standard for First Grade: Science 1.L.1.3  Summarize ways that humans protect their environment and/or improve conditions for the growth of the plants and animals that live there. (e.g., reuse or recycle products to avoid littering.) Social Studies 1.G.2.1 Explain ways people change the environment (planting trees, recycling, cutting down trees, building homes, building streets, etc.).

swat a litterbug

Swat-a-Litterbug Logo

The Wartville Wizard would approve of the Swat-A-Litterbug program. If you see someone littering, you can fill out an online form to report it. NCDOT will mail the owner of the vehicle this letter reminding them of the fines associated with littering from the State Highway Patrol.