Finding Research-Based Information

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N.C. Cooperative Extension logoIn today’s age, we have information readily available for any questions that may arise in our daily lives. It often is difficult to weed through all the information. North Carolina Cooperative Extension along with other state Extension services offer researched-based information. Here are a few approaches how to find researched-based information in your internet searches:

Approach 1:

Use any search engine and find something from Extension. Can specify “Extension” in the search or .edu. In the search engine Google Settings, choose Advanced Search. You can narrow your results by site or domain. In the site or domain, use .edu.

Approach 2: 

Search for information you need on N.C. Cooperative Extension, McDowell County Center site or N.C. Cooperative Extension. You can also search N.C. Cooperative Extension publications and factsheets, and can find upcoming events.

Approach 3:

At NCCE, we have several web portals with information. you can search for gardening information on NC State Extension Gardening portal for gardening information. You can find small fruit information on the NC State Extension Small Fruits portal for information about strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc. There is a great site for identifying plants or choosing a plant to suit your site and preference, NC Extension Gardener Plant ToolboxNC Plant Toolbox image

eXtension is also an excellent search tool to find Extension information. Using eXtension provides an easy search access to resources provided by Land Grant Institutions. Focus your searches on the southeastern United States with neighboring land-grant institutions like Virginia Tech, University of Georgia, and Clemson University.

Using these approaches will help you to weed out research-based information from other not so reliable sources.