McDowell Livestock Judging Team Compete at NC State Fair Contest

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The McDowell County 4-H Livestock Judging Team competed at the NC State Fair Contest Saturday, October 27, 2018. The senior team also competed in the Southeast Regional Contest. Local youth brought home many awards.


Logan Crisp-4th in Sheep

Ethan Laws-10th in Sheep

Logan and Ethan joined with two other youth from Lincoln County receiving 1st team in sheep, 5th in goats, 3rd in beef, 2nd in oral reasons and being the 3rd overall high team.

The senior team (Hannah Ellis, Alyson Biddix, Colton Cox, and Alyssa Green-Madision County) competed in the Southeast Regionals Contest those results:

Hannah Ellis-4th Goats

5th high team in


Hannah Ellis-3rd Swine

Alyson Biddix-6th Cattle

Hannah Ellis-4th Oral Reasons

3rd overall team in oral reasons

In the NC contest for the seniors:

Colton Cox-10th Sheep

3rd overall team in Sheep

Hannah Ellis-1st Meat Goats

Hannah Ellis-1st Swine

Alyson Biddix-4th


Colton Cox-8th Swine

Overall high team in Swine

Alyson Biddix-2nd Cattle

Hannah Ellis-7th Cattle

Hannah Ellis-1st Oral Reasons

Colton Cox-7th Oral Reasons

Alyson Biddix-9th Oral Reasons

Overall high team in oral reasons

Hannah Ellis-4th overall senior

Alyson Biddix-6th overall senior

The McDowell Senior Team finished 2nd high overall team in the State!

Image of Livestock Judging TeamImage of Livestock Judging Team